Saturday, January 9, 2010


All This Fun...
Just To Get TO BED!!
Fun Family Friend... Little Gracie!
We had the sweet opportunity to have little girl come stay with us for a while this fall. It was such a delight to have her sweet little spirit in our home. As you can see by the pictures, we loved having her join us and we were so sad to see her leave. The kids were smitten by her and it made Tyler and I realize how easy your heart can grow to fit a little more love in their for another child. Even if they do not come from us, they still come from our Heavenly Father!

Kiah, Ella, Gracie, Noah
Finishing up their art projects.
Noah, Gracie, Ella
Brushing those pearly whites.
Noah, Kiah, Mikin, Gracie, Ella
Crazy faces gathering for payers.
Tyler, Noah
Seriously trying not to laugh.
Kiah, Mikin
Big smiles, tired eyes.
Everybody's hands and feet... we know we are a little weird!
Goodnight. Sleep tight!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

3 things I never want to do...

Tyler and I had the chance to attend the Banff Mountain Film Festival as it stopped in Spokane, Washington. We enjoyed the time together and over 3 hours of films varying in length. They showed many aspects of nature, human propelled adventure, and amazing feats of strength, empowerment, courage, and empathy. But, amidst all the films I came to realize three things I know I will never do....

1: Row across the Atlantic Ocean solo.

2: Base Jump

3: Race in a Mongolian Horse race

I did, however, come to realize that there are a lot of things I would love to do sometime while on this planet, and a lot of places I want to see. I am grateful for this Earth and all of the adventure and beauty it has to offer us! I hope for more chances to explore it and take it all in!

That is all...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hallo- WEEK!!

PARTY... in Our Basement!
This year we hosted a party for our adult friends. We decked out the basement, had a ton of good food, games, and fun. We celebrated Cameron Morton's birthday (it is on Halloween) early, and had prizes for the costume contest. It was a lot of fun with about 25 people coming... we had invited over 80, but MANY were sick or could not find sitters. We missed you all that could not make it, but so fun for those who could. Thanks, Shawnte', for all of your effort in helping to make this a fun party for Cameron, and friends!

Tyler (Pele' : the best soccer player ever!) Casey Fowler (Hulk) Tami Fowler(Smurfette) Shawnte' Morton (princess)
Pretty Witches
Megan Pluid , Mikin, Shannon Pluid
This shows off Tyler's brown skin so nicely!
He was anxious to clean off his tan...
Cameron Morton (Knight) Alora Morton (bat)
Mikin kissing this year's Halloween party good-bye!
Justin Pluid (NIC Wrestler) Tyler (Pele')
PARTY... at the Church!
We had the CDA 1st Ward Halloween Dinner and then Trunk-or-Treat...
The kids got a full bucket of candy in a matter of minutes.
Kiah (witch) Kaylee Clovis (Pirate) Ella (Mrs. Hook) Noah & Quinn Clovis (Ninjas)
Ella.... wanted an anchor on her cheek.
Kiah & Kaylee : Dark Divas
Asa : One Crazy Spider!
Mikin's Job : Pass out as much candy as possible, as fast as possible, from our trunk.
PARTY... in the Streets!
Kiah - Noah - Ella - Asa
Ella had me put warts on her face exactly where she told me to. "That way I will look like a really scary pirate," she stated. I still think she looked as sweet as can be!
Had a lot of fun making Kiah's witch eyes... love them!
After about an hour, Asa joined Dad in the car and proceeded to say "HI!!" to everyone he saw.
PARTY... at the Roy's!
After a couple of hours, our kids were finally done and we went to our good friend's house for pizza, movies, and good company. They always throw a great bash!

Mikin (facebook) Jen Roy, The Art Teacher... cannot remember her name!
Shannon Pluid, Megan Pluid, Shantanu Roy
Besties : Jerzie & Kiah
Gigglies : Ella & Markynn
So Long Halloween... until next year!
May our sugar highs be high and our sugar crashes make us sleep soundly!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Not Diggin' the Gooey Stuff!

Every year in our family we
carve pumpkins for Family Night
the Monday before

This year: Pumpkin Guts.... not a big hit.
Kiah... diggin' in with a fake smile...
Noah... with a slimy arm...
Ella... eeewwww!!!
Asa... loves anything he can do with his clothes off!
Mom's job... fishin' out the seeds to bake... yummm!!!!
We all love pumpkin seeds.
The kids drew on the faces.
All three even cut them themselves, except Noah had mom carve the legs on his spider.
The finished products... SPOOK-tacular!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HaUnTeD MaZe...NOT!

Mutual Activity
Wednesday, October 21, 2009
For Mutual we took all of the girls and boys ages 12 to 18 in both the Coeur d'Alene 1st and 2nd Wards to Post Falls to go to a corn field cut into a maze. A ton of kiddos! If you went through the whole thing with no wrong turns it is a 2.4 mile distance. It is really big. I made it through with the map, and that was even difficult. Made some wrong turns. The catch was that there were 3 other wards from Spokane there, and so it was slammed with youth. AND IT WAS POURING RAIN!!! Thanks to Ella's pink umbrella I stayed fairly dry. It looked like everyone had jumped in a lake. Well, when it was time to pile back into all of the cars, our priesthood leaders left and we realized there was one beehive missing still.... flash forward 25 minutes later.... we found her. She was "lost." Well, then we all started up our cars, except Marsha's car was dead. The girls turned the key to listen to music but did not start it. LUCKILY... I had jumper cables and got her up an running again. The very low visibility drive home was not fun and the girls were all freezing to death and soaked. Even though it was eventful and fun, I think next year we may opt out of this activity... just a hunch!

Some of the girls...
Mandy, Brittany, Taylor, MIKIN, Callie, Ale
A couple faithful leaders....
Mikin & Megan Anderson

(That is a glow stick in my mouth)
Caila and Mandy... these are two of my beehives, and my babysitters!