Sunday, November 1, 2009

Not Diggin' the Gooey Stuff!

Every year in our family we
carve pumpkins for Family Night
the Monday before

This year: Pumpkin Guts.... not a big hit.
Kiah... diggin' in with a fake smile...
Noah... with a slimy arm...
Ella... eeewwww!!!
Asa... loves anything he can do with his clothes off!
Mom's job... fishin' out the seeds to bake... yummm!!!!
We all love pumpkin seeds.
The kids drew on the faces.
All three even cut them themselves, except Noah had mom carve the legs on his spider.
The finished products... SPOOK-tacular!!


The Larsons said...

Look great! The pumpkins are almost as good-looking as the kiddos! Do you do the "pumpkin prayer" for FHE. It adds a little spiritual side to the FHE. We do it every year too. Mikin - your face looks SO thin in the seeds picture! I am so proud of you and your dedication to fitness!

Our kids are planning on trick-or-treating with yours next year... hope that's ok. :) Cooper said, "Next year we'll get to trick-or-treat with our cousins! Next year everything is going to be with our cousins cause we're going to live right by them." Ready or not, here we come! (in 10 months that is). :)

Starr said...

Hi Mikin,

I saw the blog address on your facebook page. Since you requested comments & have a visitor map, I thought I'd let you know who was looking from England.

Looks like you've been up to some really great activities this autumn. Do you mind if I forward the blog address to my friend Mandy (the recent Spokane resident) to give her ideas for kid entertainment in the beautiful Inland Northwest?

It's neat to see your YW activities on the blog. I got called (and will be sustained tomorrow) as the newest member of the YW Presidency -- overseeing the Beehives. It's my first time with the youngest girls, even though I was just with them in Primary. Any advice?

You look so happy. I'm glad life, despite the challenges, is filled with such happiness for you!


JohnOliver said...

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