Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HaUnTeD MaZe...NOT!

Mutual Activity
Wednesday, October 21, 2009
For Mutual we took all of the girls and boys ages 12 to 18 in both the Coeur d'Alene 1st and 2nd Wards to Post Falls to go to a corn field cut into a maze. A ton of kiddos! If you went through the whole thing with no wrong turns it is a 2.4 mile distance. It is really big. I made it through with the map, and that was even difficult. Made some wrong turns. The catch was that there were 3 other wards from Spokane there, and so it was slammed with youth. AND IT WAS POURING RAIN!!! Thanks to Ella's pink umbrella I stayed fairly dry. It looked like everyone had jumped in a lake. Well, when it was time to pile back into all of the cars, our priesthood leaders left and we realized there was one beehive missing still.... flash forward 25 minutes later.... we found her. She was "lost." Well, then we all started up our cars, except Marsha's car was dead. The girls turned the key to listen to music but did not start it. LUCKILY... I had jumper cables and got her up an running again. The very low visibility drive home was not fun and the girls were all freezing to death and soaked. Even though it was eventful and fun, I think next year we may opt out of this activity... just a hunch!

Some of the girls...
Mandy, Brittany, Taylor, MIKIN, Callie, Ale
A couple faithful leaders....
Mikin & Megan Anderson

(That is a glow stick in my mouth)
Caila and Mandy... these are two of my beehives, and my babysitters!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

We're Bluffing!

GREEN BLUFF, Washington
October 17, 2009
What a rare, cherished moment of family togetherness captured in time...
After the last of all the Fall soccer games....
We went to Green Bluff, to the Harvest House. This is one of many farms up there that have festivities for the harvest season. We prefer this farm, mainly for their homemade pumpkin donuts. YUMMY! Tyler's parents, Duane & Jennifer, went with us, as well as his sister, Natalie and her family. We also get the pumpkins we will carve for FHE the monday before Halloween there. We do have one rule when our kids each pick their own pumkin: ***You must be able to carry your own pumpkin*** So, this year, Noah pushed that rule to the limits. But he did it! He got that pumpkin...

Kiah and her pick of all the pumpkins.
This is actually not the one Ella ended up with. She got a "Cinderella" pumpkin, which was white. Kind of fun to get something different like that.
Asa managed to wrestle all of the pumpkins and hay bails until he snatched this baby up and held on for dear life!
Jayson and Natalie Frank's kids are still young enough to get the cheep way out of the deal.
Tiny Pumpkins = Tiny Price
It was VERY CROWDED when we arrived, as you can see in this photo. Luckily after eating there it started to rain a little and cleared out some of the crowd. After the kids played in the maze, went in the playland and bouncy houses, and ate kettle corn, chili, and donuts.... we were done. We had only one last stop before leaving.
Ella and Preston looked forward to this the entire time. I think she felt like a real princess. She loves animals (ones that do not bark, anyway) and we all loved watching her. Kiah and Noah opted out of this one. They are "getting kind of old for that now." Okay?!?
So long to Green Bluff... until next Autumn!

"Dalton Bluff"

A Huge THANK YOU to the Sampert's!
We went to go pick apples at their house in Dalton Gardens after soccer games a couple of Saturdays ago... It was a few hours of work, and a lot of FUN! Ron took the kids on the "tractor" ride with his fourwheeler and pulled them in the trailer to haul apples to their garage. We ended up picking about 100 bushels (heeping five gallon buckets) of beautiful apples. Then Carolyn let each of the kids pick a pumpkin from their garden. It was a chilly day, and nice to bundle up and help them out. In turn, we came away with A LOT of apples to dehydrate and make apple chips, make applesauce, and pie filling. It was a great day. My kids are still a little confused who they are... more grandparents? What do we call them? Kids are funny!
Kiah-Ella-Noah-Ron Sampert-Asa
Ron Sampert-Asa
Carolyn Sampert
Loads and Loads of APPLES
Tyler's comment on the day:
"Why do we have to go to Green Bluff next Saturday?
This is Dalton Bluff, with no crowds, and it was FREE!"

Impromptu Halloween Party!

This was a last minute party for the kids and some of their friends and cousins.
We were babysitting Cade & Jay Erickson, so we planned some Halloween activities. Then we invited the neighbors, Quinn & Kaylee Clovis. Then Kelsey & Heidi Edwards came for a play date... and there you have it: A PARTY!

First thing they all did was go to the dress up bins and get into costumes.
Then I made ghost and pumpkin french toast, with peaches and milk.
Then we played games and made Halloween Art.
Ella is pretty intense when it comes to artwork...
...a lot like someone else we know!
It was fun and nice to do something different than the usual routine.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall = Soccer

Fall Soccer
I feel like I am officially a "Soccer Mom" after this season!
3 kids, 3 teams, 3 snack assignments, money gatherer for coaches gift, five days a week of practices and games, packing the car with chairs, blankets, umbrellas, hats, gloves, water, coats, and food. Some days felt like we were really going on a trip! Well, we LOVED every minute of it. There is something amazing about watching your children enjoy being active, with friends, and learning how to be a part of a team. We were so pleased with each of them!

Kiah #6
Her coach loved her on defense because she was not afraid to attack the ball and steal it from the opposing team. But, when he put her up front, she would score goals... one game she had a hat-trick! So, he would then put her back on defense! She loved "booting the ball away from the other team." I think her favorite part was being with all of her friends. She is very social! Her team was undefeated... and I guess that really matters at this level of play! ;)

Noah #8
Noah had a turning point this season... it was like it just clicked in him and he improved so much! We loved to watch him interact with his coach, he was VERY TALL and Noah thought he was AmAzInG.... He would say, "Mom, my coach is huge. He is like a giant!" I think that made Noah really look up to him in more ways than one! He did not love bing cold, but loved scoring goals, and loved being on a team with his buddies from school. Especially our neighbor, Quinn Clovis. Whenever the game stopped, you would usually find Noah wrestling on the grass with another boy, obviously not needing to take a rest. Where does he get his energy!?
Great Season, Noah!

Ella #8
Ella was so polite to her teammates. She gave hugs to them each time they did something good, or when they were feeling down. She was like the team counselor! She was so funny about her outfit and wore a black skort to play in and her hair "cute." She was adorable. But, don't let that fool you when it came to her soccer skills! It took a couple games, but once she caught on she was on FIRE! She scored 4 goals her last game, and told everyone around her the rest of the day. She was on a team with her cousin, Preston Frank, and she coaxed him to come out on the field and play a few times. She loved her first season of soccer because "I get a treat after each game and I got a trophy!" She liked being able to play and not just watch her siblings!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Roast Pig!?!


So, this looks like a nice church gathering of young and old to spend a very sunny day getting to know each other a little better.
We had an amazing turn out! I think the volleyball, soccer, and various other activities was not the big excitement... it was something a little different.
The Bishop barbequed it and he even brought an apple to put in its mouth!
Noah was STARVING! (Until he saw it all cooked. Then he was not as hungry. He never ate any of the pig. He did have all of the salads, jello-s, desserts, etc.)
Kiah just wanted a picture with it. Then she was one of the first ones in line to get some of the pig! She LOVED it! We even got a couple of huge chunks of meat to take home when it was all over.
Noah and his friend played soccer with the Missionaries and several other men in the ward. He was not intimidated and they were shocked how aggressive he was! He was on the winning team, and he let everyone know that! He was soaked with sweat. Nice...
Asa found this box... and walked around for a half hour with it on his head while he made growling noises. He just laughed and laughed at himself. It was so funny.
Ella has no pictures because she just stayed with a couple of my young women beehives the entire time on the playground. It was nice to not have to worry about her, or pay for the babysitters! Ha!

Here is the end result of our feast:
I think the gathering was a memorable and successful event!