Monday, August 24, 2009


This is my counter on my island...
beautiful Acorn, Yellow Crook-neck, and Zucchini squash.
I have done a lot of preserving lately.
Both canning and freezing.
Here is one day Natalie and I did 84 quarts of green beans.

The next day Tyler helped me can 29 pints of Plum Jam & Plum/Strawberry/Raspberry Jam.
A batch of peppers, carrots, zucchini, strawberries, & yellow crook-neck squash.
Natalie Frank and Kiah cleaning veggies.
Our first batch of tomatoes a few weeks ago from the pots on my back porch.
We have canned many quarts of green beans from the family garden at Tyler's parent's house.
Definition of our "Family Garden":
Mikin Morton, Natalie Frank, and Jennifer Morton share the work load and the food!
We all love fresh veggie dinners. Even my kids lick their plates clean!
First crop of onions!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thirty Something...

Happy 31st Birthday, Tyler!
First, We had the monthly Gatten Party for all adults who have their birthday during the month or so...
Tyler Morton, 31 : Steve Gatten, 60 : Tim Gatten, 36 : Brett Gatten, 34
BLowing the candles out!
Infamous "Bite"
Then on his actual birthday, we had a party at home for him.
The kids decorated the house and helped make his cake.
I love how happy everyone was, especially Asa! Ha!
Still looking good, love....
Once again, the infamous "bite" out of the cake... Kiah and Noah were just not quite as fast as dad, but one day they will be!
Tyler & Mikin
His gift:
A Sunday afternoon nap, a party, then relaxing on the couch with the remote!
We gave him a coupon book with lots of exciting gifts...
We love you!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Try the "Tri"

Coeur d'Alene Olympic Triathlon
Saturday, August 8, 2009
0.93 mile swim - 24.86 mile bike - 6.21 mile run
Mikin Morton: Finisher
I have gone since I was a kid to watch the athletes do the triathlon in my hometown. I always thought it was something I would like to do someday. But, this year I finally did it! I trained for months and it all payed off. I just wanted to finish the race, and live with only minor injuries... and I did!

This was when I started thinking, what am I doing out here... I got hammered by other swimmers. One went right over the top of me. I even froggy swam for a second to push a place open for myself and catch my breath. I was a little anxious, but when I settled down, I got a rythm and it was smooth sailing. I was shocked at my time of 32 minutes. Wow!
This picture does not do justice on how far away those buoys looked that we had to swim around!
Coming into the transition from the bike to the run.
The bike went just fine, except for the two times I had to stop, unclip, get off my bike on the side of the road to put my chain back on, clip back in on a hill and get my bootie up it. That was so frustrating, but I was just glad it was not a flat tire, like so many I passed along the way. Even though I had everything I needed in my tool kit, I do not even know how to change my tire! I would have been out of the race for sure!
I froze on the bike, so I threw on a long sleeve shirt for the run. I was actually surprised how good I felt at this point. I usually feel like trash when I go from biking to running, but the stars aligned that day or something... it was probably those electrolyte pills...hmmmmm...
Natalie caught me on the run and we had a grand finish together...
That was a sweet moment, to be done, and to get to eat and sit down. Wow.
I still can't believe I actually did it!
Swim Time : 32 minutes
Bike Time : 1 hour 34 minutes
Run Time : 1 hour 11 minutes
Overall Time : 3 hours 24 minutes 35 seconds

I took 4th Place in my division!!!

I was so proud of myself, I was a little emotional after the finish, something you just kind of think you can't do, but then you just do it!
I have no idea why I am throwing up a peace sign, but Tyler was there watching our four kids and a niece and nephew, so he was a champ to have all 6 kids and still wait at the finish for me! He was such a support through all of the hours of training. Thank you to a grrrrreat hubby! He is going to do it with me next year!
(I think he just does not want to have kid duty again ;-) hehehe)
It was so much FUN! More fun than I ever thought it would be. That is for sure. It was so neat to have a few places where the course doubled back and I got to see so many people I knew, both in the race and on the sidelines. Thanks to everyone for your cheers and motivation. It was so amazing and I am really thinking I caught the fever!

Other people I knew who finished:
Astin, Brandon 2:27:24
Astin, Randy 2:39:51
Crandall, Adam 2:53:43
Crandall, Alex 3:04:28
Crandall, Cameron 3:26:30
Davis, Dana 3:00:16
Erickson, Brynne 2:53:56 (1st place in division)
Erickson, Royal 3:06:03
Fowler, Tamara 3:57:12
Frank, Natali e 3:24:35
Frantz, Tyson 3:54:42
Gatten, Brett 2:53:05
Leonard, Denise 2:55:09
Leonard, Paul 2:49:42
Pitcher, Bob 2:36:42
Sharp, JamiSue 3:01:24
Tenbrink, Robin 3:23:01
Tran, Ben 2:54:07

Team: "We've Been Robbed" : 2:20:51 (3rd place in division)
Erickson, Brandon - swim 23:03
Erickson, Jonathan - bike 1:12:15
Erickson, Sherry - run 43:32

Team: "Page/Holstein" : 3:27:29
Page, Donna - swim 43:53
Page, Ken - bike 1:40:58
Holstein, Lynnette - run 1:00:35

Team: "D Double J" : 3:02:38
Welch, Doug - swim 36:19
Smith, Jason - bike 1:35:37
Bryson, Jeremy - run 48:47

Morton, Nicole 3:07:41


Kids will be kids,
crazy, silly kids.
Kiah's goggle eyes...
Asa's crazy face...
Asa wants them off!
Cousin Allie loves it, though!


On August 2, 2009 we just went out on the back deck...
We all love it out there.
Asa fell asleep on the way home from church, but here are the other kids.
Noah, Ella, Kiah
Sista' Love!
Line'em up!
What a cheesy little thing! Love her!
Still learning that natural smile...
Retainers and all, she is a cutie!
Mikin is so excited to be eating the tomatoes, tomatillos, and onions on the back deck!
The garden she never has to weed! Gotta' love that!
Our fearless Priesthood Leader! Chillin' on the couch.
Looks like a silly "Sprite" Ad...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Kids "TRI" Hard!

2nd Annual Hayden View Kids Triathlon
Hayden Lake, Idaho
Saturday, August 1, 2009
Kiah & Noah

ELLA... everyone's #1 Fan!
Kiah : #168 Noah : #169
Transition Station
Here is the start of the swim for Noah. He swam about 100 yards.
The funny part is that I do not have any pictures of Kiah on the swim because she went in the first group with the 10-12 year olds. She just went when they said go and I realized that she was not still on the beach with her age group. I was a little worried mother for a while... wondering if she could really make it 1/4 of a mile... but she did! She was supposed to go 1/8 of a mile.
She said she was so tired after the swim she did not think she could bike, but these were her words: "I just did it and I was fine." Words of an athlete! HA!
The anticipation is building for Noah...
Going strong, Noah was the only kid out in the deep part where he could not touch. It gave the life guards something to watch!


Steven Ball and Noah

THey were beat and would not even stop to take a photo for me... they just wanted to get in the water a cool off! It was in the upper 90's that day! A Hot one!