Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Girl Power!

Gatten Girls Week 2009 = Seattle, Washington
Rooms shared: one.
Weather was awesome.
Hair was not undone.
We were always on the run.
Finished movie: none.
Money, we spared some.
We all ate a ton.
We did work out some.
When festivities were done...
We concluded it was FUN!

Pike Place Market
Brooke & Mikin
Oh, the smell of fresh flowers!
Fresh produce, crowds, fun times!
We ate fish & chips, chowder, sandwiches, cookies, bakery treats & more!
Here fishy, fishy, fishy...
My beautiful sisters!
Cassie & Brynne
Cassie, Mom (Jean), Brooke, Mikin

The Girl Team!
Safeco Field : Go Mariners!
Brynne, Angie (B), Angie (D), Brooke, Jean, Cassie, Mikin
Mikin & Cassie

We got a little crazier as the sun went down!...
Jean, Brooke, Angie (D)
Mikin, Cassie, Angie (B), Brynne
Good friends, good fun!
Brooke, Angie (D), Angie (B), Brynne
We all missed Liz and hope she can make it next year!


That was the theme of our stake youth conference this year. It was neat to see the youth join in being examples of those who believe in Jesus Christ. We had speakers, and a dance where they all learned swing dancing. Then Saturday, I got to join them all for a hike up Mineral Ridge, which just happens to be really close to my house. It is awsome that I live in such a wonderful place. We hiked and had lunch up on the ridge along with speakers, awards, testimony meeting, and singing. It was an emotional day, and we got all the kids up and down safely to end the conference. I got to design the t-shirts and they tuned out really neat.
I am grateful for my calling in the Young Women's
and the growth I get from our righteous youth!

Taylor, Alex, Leah, June, Ale, some of my girls!
From the top!
Half way up we stopped for a speaker.
The line of kids went on, and on, and on...
What a beautiful view of Lake Coeur d'Alene!

Sliver Picker's Party

My Grandfather
Leo Lee
celebrated his 85th Birthday this month!

Grandpa Leo Lee, Mikin, Grandma Helen Lee
Jim Lee, Aunt Mary Ann, Leo Lee, Jean Gatten, Sandra Davis
We celebrated at Mikin's Uncle Jim and Aunt Paula's home. It was very nice to have so many cousins, aunts, uncles, and decendants of Grandpa all there to make this day special for him. He is an amazing grandfather. Wehn he was a boy e rode to school in a horse drawn buggy and now look at the world. He has truly seen a lot in his lifetime. He is a wealth of knowledge and serves his fellow men like no body I have ever met. He owns the title of a "Jack of all Trades." And his CB radio "handle" is "Sliver Picker" from his logging days. He is amazing. Love you Gramps!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Great to be Eight!

Kiah Lee Morton
Baptism Day : Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kiah was baptized and became a member of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Her father, Tyler Morton performed the baptism in Portuguese, and confirmed her in English.
Now she has received the Gift of the Holy Ghost.
What a proud day for her Dad, and her Heavenly Father.
My sweet Kiah, my daughter, my friend.
Kiah was absolutely glowing and beaming with excitement.
Her face was shining bright and beaming with joy!
Mom and Dad with our precious Daughter, Ki.

Aunt Shawnte' made a beautiful cake that looked like the scriptures. It read: :...Arrived unto the years of accountability... D&C 20:71 Happy 8th Birthday Kiah!" What an amazing cake!
Make a wish... and BLOW!!!......
Taking the traditional bite out of her cake....
We had a ton of people there to support Kiah and she felt so loved and so special. Afterthe baptism we went to our house for a BIG dinner... just shy of 70 people! Let us just say that we Kiah has so many people who love her, family and friends. She was overwhelmed by all the love she was showered with. Tyler and I felt so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends so close to us. Thanks to the many people who gave here gifts to celebrate and remember this special day.
She got a beautiful pearl bracelet and wears it to remember this special day.

Kiah got some special gifts from her mom and dad. We were so EXCITED about her choice to be baptised. We got her her own new set of scriptures, a cute pink case, marking pencils, journal, bookmark, and a very cute silver CTR ring with bright colored flowers around it. She is so grown up! Time goes by so quickly, is it even possible our little Kiah is baptized?!?
Grandma "Jeff" Morton made her a special towel to dry off with after she was Baptized. It had her name on it, and her baptism date. It was such a neat idea! Also, even though we never got a picture of you, thanks for the support Grandpa Morton!

Nana Gatten, Kiah, Papa Gatten: What a special day to have the support of her grandparents.
Kiah had a blast and loved everyone supporting her on this exciting day!
She hula hooped until bedtime!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hush Little Baby... and Daddy!

Hush little baby. Don't say a word.
Asa was eating, but now he is not heard.
Face planted on the high chair; out like a light.
He is certainly not finishing his sippy cup tonight!
One shoe on and one shoe off.
Nobody make a sound... and cover your cough!
We moved him to his bed and he didn't stir.
We will see him up early, that is for sure!

Next time he crashed on his daddy's chest.
Did not have to go to bed with the rest.
When they both got comfy they looked really swell.
Like father, like son, as you can tell!
Asa has his legs crossed, hand up, and all.
Tyler's phone near on the floor - in case he got a call :-).
I woke Tyler up before his nights sleep was done.
Because carrying them both to bed did not sound fun!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So here is how we celebrated our Nineth Anniversary...

We have had been asked by numerous people what we did to celebrate, so here you go...

We had an extremely busy week... 
Stuffed goody bags for our kids fun run and other prep, with Brynne and Jon, at our house
Tyler had Elders Quorum visits with his presidency. 
Tyler let me buy a road bike for my gift from him... He is so supportive and generous to me. I am so pumped to have it and actually ride outside instead of just in spin classes. THANK YOU, LOVE! ( We fit the same size bike so he can ride it, too, if I let him. Ha!)
Weds. (The actual day of our anniversary)
I was in charge of mutual, as I am the ward camp director this year, and in the presidency
More Running Into FUN kids run stuff...paperwork. I was a guest speaker for Dalton Ward's Enrichment Night at the Hayden Stake Center.
Volunteer meeting for the Kids Fun Run the next day
6:30 Am at the park for the prep for the Fun Run.
8:30-Noon Running Into FUN! kids run event!
4:00 Kiah's Baptism with 60+ friends and family over after, for dinner at our house.
1:30 Tyler Elders Quorum meeting
4:00 High School Graduation Party for a friend
4:30 Great-Grandpa Lee's 84th Birthday! Party at the Lee's house!

So, we decided to not celebrate it that week and do something when school was out.
Yeah right! :-)

So, I spent ALL DAY building the rock steps and filling in the rest of the boulders on our retaining wall so he would not have to do it. It was something he has been putting off and dreading doing, and I knew it would be a great surprise for him.
It was so much harder than I thought it would be!!!! But, it turned out great!

Then Tyler surprised me with beautiful red roses when he got home from work, and I was off to mutual... 

He had no idea that afterwards my sister, Brynne and her family went to our house after and when I got home I snagged him and we went on a little outing. Thanks to the Ericksons for allowing us a little time to actually breath and contemplate our anniversary. 
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

We got a sandwich to split and Italian Sodas from Dockside - to go.
We walked the Boardwalk, and sat, and ate, and talked at the tables on the water.
It was simple, beautiful, and an emotional reflection on the blessings of the last nine years of our lives together. We have grown and learned so many valuable things.

We are so full of gratitude for all we have been blessed with, and Tyler said it right:
"If this is what it will be like for eternity, we are so lucky." 

It is not easy, but it is not hard either. 
Bring on the Ten Year Reunion : 2010! 
With my best friend, my love...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Noah's Kindergarten Picnic

Noah & Mrs Breeden
Kindergarten Graduation 2009
Noah absolutely LOVED his kindergarten teacher!
It will be missed!
Both AM and PM Kindergarten classes sang songs, recited a poem and did a cute little program all about BUTTERFLIES. The made a book with their diploma and things about how they evolved through the year and emerged like a butterfly. It was adorable.
After the program Mrs. Breeden and Mrs. Birch handed out the diplomas and a letter to each child from their parents.I opted to write a poem for Noah.
Every so often I get in a poetry mood. I get it from my parents, who are both poets, I guess.


You have grown so much this year.
The first day of school we shed some tears.
You have turned into such a big kid,
Throughout your Kindergarten year!

Yes, as you want to school each day,
We noticed you became a different kid.
You have helped and learned along the way,
Meticulously correct in the work you did.

It was a pleasure to meet with Mrs. Breeden,
She always had good things to share with us.
All the rules you were headin'-
(Except the one citation the first week on the bus.)

We have loved watching you grow - our big boy!
Always a helper; discoverer; and so imaginative.
Having you in our family is truly a joy!
Going into First Grade, you'll not be at a disadvantage.

You will continue to always excel.
You will have our love, so don't be shy!
You have thrilled us all, and done so well.
You have emerged from Kindergarten like a butterfly!

Next year you'll go to school all day!
As you continue at Fernan,
Dad, Mom, Kiah, Ella, and Asa want you to know-
Noah, we think you are THE MAN!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Tyler & Mikin
...living a life full of love...

Nine fast years, they went by so quick.
I know his hair is not as thick!
But time had better slow down for us,
It is going too fast - it is rediculous!

But they say it goes fast when you're having fun,
& we both can attest - that's exactly what we've done!
Four kiddos, many memories, lots of family, one love...
We know we are truly blessed from above!

We spend a lot of time smiling & laughing.
At times we cry, sigh, snuggle or mourn,
But at the end of each day we fall asleep knowing
June 3, 2000, was when our eternity was born.

I hate cliche' phrases like "happily ever after"
or saying someone is your "soul mate."
But as  long as I know that whatever we are
it will be FOREVER, then that's GREAT!

Tyler, my love, my truest best friend,
I am yours always, eternally, no end!