Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wedding Excitement!!

Well, we had a big Brazilian dinner at our home this afternoon. It was with the Morton family since two of Tyler's brothers also served missions in Brazil. The family as a whole has grown to love the culture, stories, food, and people from Brazil. We had chicken & mushroom stroganoff, rice, beans, cucumber & tomatoe salad, cheese filled rolls, fruit skewers, BBQ ribs, and even Flawn (I do not know how to spell it but it is like custard?...) for dessert! It was all delicious, and thanks to all who contributed to the food, the prep work, the clean-up, and the good conversation.

It was a fun evening but then I had noticed a ring on Alisha's finger... but do I dare say anything? I waited and before everyone dug into their food, Nick announced...
Nick Morton & Alisha Kell
And our sweet little Ella gets to be their flower girl!
They are paying for it as they go so they are taking time to plan and prepare it all. 
The date is September 10, 2010.
We are so thrilled for both of them and excited to get to know Alisha better as she becomes part of our family. It is good to see Nick so giddy... he is excited and so are we!

Ended the evening with some speed scrabble, a movie, and Preston getting a bloody nose. 
Always exciting when the family gets together!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


We dyed eggs at our house on Friday night with Jon & Brynne and Jayson & Natalie's families. They turned out cute. Here from left is Noah, Natalie, Preston, Ella, and Kiah. My camera battery died so these are the only 2 pictures we got of the evening! Dang!

Then we dyed eggs for Mikin's parents on Saturday night and they turned out great, too.
Here are Noah, Kiah, and Ella.

Nana remembered this rubber band technique, and we gave it a try...
We absolutely loved how they turned out. Just a little something different.
I admit, it was weird to have Easter and still have snow on our lawn. But the Big Bunny made his way here still and the kids had fun hunting for their baskets when they woke up. They were very pleased with what they each got. The night before Tyler and Mikin were a little nervous because the bunny hid the basket contents SO WELL that they almost could not find them. Too funny. Tyler did, by the skin of our teeth! Well, then it was a nice church with Nana and Papa Gatten. The day was beautiful, with an occasional rain sprinkle, so the kids had fun hunting for eggs with some of their cousins. Then a nice dinner with just Nana and Papa and AJ and our family! It was a nice quiet Easter . It was nice to really focus on the Atonement and the love of our Heavenly Father. What a great blessing it is. What a special day.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My booty went 11 miles!!??!!

Well, I feel good. 

I feel like an athlete again. 
These are the details: mainly for my sister, Cassie. 
She loves to hear the nitty gritty and cheer me on!
I ran with my sister-in-law, Natalie. She was patient and could have left me in the dirt, but stayed by me the whole time. We ran it at 11.5 minute miles. I was pretty happy with that. My hip felt sore, but no sharp pains. I went and got new shoes last night at Big 5 at 8:40, and stayed until 25 minutes after they were closed. The guy helping me was so Awesome! I tried on like 14 shoes... was running down the store isle. It was funny. I never have been so picky buying anything in my life. But I think it helped ALOT. 

I actually feel good and my body does not feel nearly as tight as it did last week. We were both like, hey, we can totally go 2 more miles! Never thought I could ever feel like that after running 11 miles in my lifetime! Ha! It was fun to run along the lake and see so many others out there. Running and biking. Always saying "good job" and "way to go" and "keep it up!" It is like a group who understand your pain. I do not think I love it, it sucks in the moment at times, but when I finish a long run like this I feel accomplished. I have not felt that since the last time I gave birth!

Thank you to Tyler. He is so supportive and gets the kids ready, and to their practices, to bed, fed, whatever is needed,  and just supports me with my training. When he gets home he says, "Hey, take off to the gym, babe! I will get the kids fed and to bed." I am so lucky to have him. I love you and want to thank you for your support. I could not do this without it. You are the love of my life, and I am lucky every day I have with you. Okay, now this is getting sappy!... sorry :-) 

Way to go Brooke, my sister-in-law in Utah, running her THIRD half marathon of the year today! You rock!!!!! What an inspiration you are! Love you!

P.S. (again)
I have white salt crystals  you can see clumped up on my face. 
I guess I sweat a bit! Cool!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Fun Bug Birthday

Allie Frank turned one and it was fun to be at her Bug party.
Here is the little butterfly birthday girl turning one years old!
Mikin made "worms in dirt."
Grandma Morton made this cake!
Here is Allie with the Bee pinata.
Natalie and Jayson Frank. He loves his new look!
We got her a baby stroller to help her get walking! We also got her her first baby doll!
Cameron and Tyler being silly.
The kids showing their spoils!
Ella attempting to smack the pinata!
Noah winding up for the big hit!
Sisters that love being silly... Ella and Kiah.
Asa with his cousin, Vance.

Tyler and Mikin: little love bugs! Ha!

Still Running...

So, here I am with a sore hip, but I am not going to let that stop me from my training. I ran six yesterday, then four miles today...I will go for the 11 Miles on Saturday. We shall see how I feel. I will probably get new shoes, that may help. Wish me luck!

Also, today on the way to the gym Ella said to me:
"Mom, you are ezzersizing a lot. I know why."
I said,"Really? Why?"
She responded,"Because you want to get more and more and more bones. If you keep ezzersizing you will have huge bones!"
"Unfortunately, Ella, I am already more "big boned" than I want to be." hehehe. So funny. That would be really funny if we grew more bones! There would be some pretty funny guys at the gym with about seven collar bones and three elbows!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Running a Half Marathon!!??!!

Okay, so here is the scoop....
Cassie and Andrew ran their first Half Marathon this last week. They are truly an inspiration. We thought, wow, they can run that far? And they can! And they did!
Here is Andrew striding strong.
Here is Cassie in the green shorts! That is her running partner in the pink shirt.
She looks so buff. Like the cover of Runners World, baby!

Andrew looks so pro, man, look at that sweat band. Yeah!
He looks like it is so easy!

So now Here I am training for a Half Marathon. Yes, Mikin! Here we go May 16th, yikes!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Miracles Do Happen!!

Dusty and Angie Gatten have a little surprise!
Against the odds, and to everyones astonishment...
We are so excited to have this little baby come into our family... finally!
Congratulations to you both and we know how long you have waited for this.
You will be amazing parents!
The little peanut... and that little heart going strong!
We love this baby already! Can't wait to kiss those cheeks.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Last Quarter & Going Strong!!

Here is "Our Missionary"
Elder Spike Gatten
Brazil Manaus Mission
This is the last of Mikin's family of 9 kids.
He has been serving a 2 year mission for
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Isn't he handsome?!?!
While there he has learned fluent Portuguese, to love the food, culture, and people.
There is something really amazing about the transformation that occurs as a young nineteen year old embarks on a mission to serve his Heavenly Father. Not only has he grown spiritually and been an example of hard work and charity to all those who know him, but he also has grown in maturity. Both spiritual and temporal  maturity. We have loved watching him and reading his letters and being touched by his spirit. He has always been a spiritual giant, even as a small child. As he is on his final months there, we wish him all the best and pray for his safety and we pray for his endurance. To finish strong and leave nothing undone. Knowing he gave all he had and served the best he could.

Some things I know after watching Tyler go through life after his mission in Recife Brazil:

Spike will have a special place for those people for eternity.
He will always want to recreate the food he had there, but it will always be "not quite like it."
We love you Spike and are grateful for your valiant example to us and our children. You are CHOICE! Finish strong and make the most of this last quarter of your mission!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Packed Weekend

We canned lots and lots of venison on Saturday while listening to Conference.
Here is the one managing the pressure cookers.
Papa Steve Gatten, and Kiah in the background.
We had a good team with A.J., Brynne and Jon, Dusty and Angie, Tyler and Mikin, Jean and Steve, and all the kids running around driving us all nuts at times, but overall were good.
After we all cut meat, cooked meat, packed meat in jars, put lids on and packed the cookers, Steve stayed close so we did not blow up the cookers. Thanks, Dad.
Here is a funny shot of Mikin holding Ella, scratching Noah's Back, and playing peek-a-boo with Asa. Sometimes I wonder how I keep my head on straight!
Later after we got all the canning done and the men went to priesthood we all met up at Cafe Chulos for some mexican food. Tim met up with us all, too.
Tyler, Angie, Dusty, Ella, Brynne, Cade, A.J., Jon, Tim, Mikin, Noah, Asa.
Not pictured: Steve & Jean.
Asa loves black beans and tomatoes!
Later Kiah helped Brynne give baby Jay a bath in Nana's kitchen sink. So adorable.
Look at Baby Jay's rolls of love! Just want to eat him.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Basketball Blues

Our Basketbal Kids...
Kiah and Noah finish another season on a strong note.

Kiah taking a break before the second half. She gets a red face just like her mom.
Nana and Papa Gatten came to watch several of her games. She loved knowing when people were there to watch her. It gave her an extra boost and she would look over and smile. The last Game of the season Grandpa and Grandma Morton came with several in the family and that really made her feel special, too. It is awesome to have such support form family.

Kiah got to play lots of her friend during the season, but had to get a picture with her friend from kindergarten, Lauren.

Kiah was #10 this year and completely loved basketball.
She says it is her favorite sport,
but she says that about every sport she is playing at the time.
Kiah was the tallest on the team, so she liked being able
 to take the jump at the start of the games.

Her layup... kind of blurry, sorry. 
Her jump shot!
Way to go Kiah! She got an award that stated "Our Star Shooter!" from the coaches. She really developed a great shot and had to really work on passing to let others shoot. Then some of the teammates would still just pass it right back to her and say, "Shoot it, Kiah!" 

Noah had a great first season and caught on so fast!
He is a team player and loved having his friends from kindergarten on his team.
Noah with his eyes on the basket!
Look at that shooting form!
Way to go Noah! He made lots of baskets for his team and loved having our neighbor, his best friend, Quinn Clovis, on his team.
Noah is the only one in this picture with his hands up.
He absolutely loved to play defense, which is rare at any age, and he loved to stuff the ball when the player tried to pass or shoot. He was really a hustler.
He made sure he wore his team shirt to the pizza party. Bright orange #2! He was so tired that he fell asleep in the car on the way there. That explains the happy face he has on ;-) .
We are so proud of the little athlete Noah is becoming. He is a good sport and listens well to what the coach says. He always tries his best, and we love that about him.