Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stow Away

Go to bed!
"But, mommy, I want to sleep with you!" Ella exclaims with such sweetness.
Mikin replies, "No, you need to be a big girl and go to bed.
Right now, sweetheart."
"Okayeeeeee...." whines Ella.
Dad encourages her with kisses and hugs and off she goes,
 to her bed...
Or so we thought...  :-)

When we went to go to bed later we found this little girl stowed away under our bed!
We were laughing so hard at her foot up on the bed while she was sound asleep.
Kids do the silliest things. I'm sure she was surprised her scheme did not work when she woke up the next morning...
in her own bed.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Bowling On Aunt Natalie

So, Tyler's sister, Natalie gave us a fun alternative to the Men's Hunter's Party....
Bowling. Free! She had some passes to Triple Play Family Fun.
With Mikin and Natalie as the only adults, it was a task to have two age "almost one", and then an age 2, age 3, age 6, and age 7. But it was still a break from the house and the kids had fun. That was shy we were there, right?!?!

Here is Mikin holding both Allie and Asa, and Natalie.
Natatie with Allie, Kiah, and Ella in front.
Kiah with the "duck bowling" form!
As you can see, the place was packed!
Noah, oh... so serious...
He really put his heart into it.
Ella was trying to look cute.
Who cares about knocking down pins... as long as she is a knock-out!
Asa miraculously never pinched his fingers, but desperately wanted to play ball.
 Or, at least chase the ball down the lane...!
It was fun and we even got to play in the kids playland, pretend to play the games in the arcade, and Kiah and Noah loved their first time playing laser tag. All in all it was a fun night out.
Thanks again Aunt Natalie!!

Charity Marathon

First of all... I did not run a Marathon... Yet!
I have been enjoying the fit life, once again. 
My sister-in-law, Nicole, is a trainer at the gym and they had a charity marathon race. You put a team together and ran parts of the race until your team finished the whole distance. The treadmill went continuous, you just tagged off to the next runner. I ran 5 miles of it. I had a lot of fun. Here is Nicole and I after we ran. She ran 3 miles first, then I had just finished after her.
I ran into my childhood friend, JamiSue, and she ran on another team.
Her team actually ended up winning the whole thing.
Mikin, JamiSue Sharp, Nicole Morton
Running my little heart out!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blessing Baby Vance

Here are some pics of the big day for Cameron (Tyler's Brother) and Shawnte' and their little boy, Vance. They had a lunch at their home after and it was very nice. Of course, we forgot our camera, so I "stole" some pictures from others of this special day. We love you Vancey Pants!

Shawnte' lovin on Vance!
Loved the "Joseph Smith" style blessing outfit. Adorable.
Little Ella hanging out in Vance's room.
Mikin and Asa: Not liking the fact he missed his morning nap!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

St. Patty's Day Breakfast-O-Green!

So, here is the spread...
Green pancakes, Green milk, Green smiles. 
This is the first year my kids really wanted to wear green and go all out.
Noah, he has his soft side come out sometimes, and he did not understand why someone would pinch someone else just because they were not wearing green. He said, "What if they cannot afford something green, or it is dirty or something?"
How sweet.

Our little leprechaun. 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

ASA #1

Our Baby is ONE!
We had a great little party with a Polka Dot theme.
It is fun when the older kids are excited. We all love Asa so much.
I made a Brownie cake with cream cheese frosting.
Then I made him his own little cake to destroy.
His little cake was actually 3 brownies baked in a muffin tin, then I stacked them up.
I thought it turned out really cute.

Our neighbor kids are almost like Asa's other siblings.
So, here we got a shot of them with all our kids, too.
Quinn Clovis, Noah, Kiah, Kaylee Clovis, and Ella.
And of course the birthday boy gobbling down the chocolate!
He wanted his cake SOOOOO bad!

Cake Drunk.
Ella sampled it a little, too.
All done, now lets wear it!
We celebrated his party one week late, due to the fact that his birthday was the same day as Tyler's sister's wedding. The week was busy, so we had it on Saturday. It is weird to think that this is the last "first birthday party" we will throw. It was so cute and we feel so blessed to have our little Asa boy in our family. Thanks for the love and support of Grandma and Grandpa and Nana and Papa. Not to mention everyone else... We love having you all so close!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What Asa Cannot Do Anymore!

Now that Asa is ONE, there are a few things he can no longer do. The first is no more getting into the things he should not...which he will attemp to do anyway, so I have had to get all things harmful out of cupboards, shelves, etc. As for the dishwasher, we must not let him get on it and IN it anymore because he seems to always get the "best things"... like knives. Scary.
The next thing he cannot do is get his Dad to pick him up by throwning a fake fit. Yeah, right! we all know he will be doing this one forever! This kid has the most flexible back... I swear he can almost fold in half!
We moved him out of his crib. Yep. We posted it on Craig's List and sold it right away. So, no turning back! Asa is doing great at his "big-boy-mattress-on-the-floor-so-he-cannot-fall-bed."
Lucky for us all he has slept through the night since he was 2 weeks old.
The next thing... no more Symphony In Motion Mobile. He LOVED it. He would mangle it lately, so it is probably good that it is done, so we can sell it, too!
Yes, he was our only child of the four to take a pacifier, and we loved it! Now it is no more, as well no bottles, etc. This is easy to do at age one because they are not so emotionally attached to it all. He has been fine without it after only 2 days. I highly recommend this tactic. Being a Dentist infused family, we kind of had no choice!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

March Birthday Buddies

On the Gatten side of the family we celebrate one time for all adults who have birthdays in each month. So, these are always my birthday sisters.....Mikin, Brynne and Liz!
The best part of it all... THE INFAMOUS CHOCOLATE CAKE!
Thanks to Jean and Steve for making the cake and opening their home to us all each month.
Kate, Sissy, Kiah, Noah, Wyatt, Brynne, Cade
My little sister, Brynne made me my own chocolate chip cookie.
Had to throw this pic of Uncle AJ with Ella on the "Hand Stand."
This is kind of a random tradition we have always done for as long as I can remember....

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Surprise! Mikin is 32?!

I came home the Saturday after my birthday to a surprise......
My awesome husband got all the mortons and my parents together to give me a huge surprise birthday, and I was clueless. It was really nice, and even decorated. The best part was that the cake was one of the sheet cakes leftover from Tami and Casey's wedding the day before. So, it was white with a big heart on the top. It tasted delicious!
Thanks for the surprise, love, you are the best!
Another treat was having Tyler's Uncle Phil and Aunt Denise there to party with. They came up for the wedding and helped a lot. They have always supported Tyler's family.
Denise was so sweet to give gifts to all of the children. Ella and Kiah got these adorable aprons, Noah got a kit for catching and keeping insects, which he LOVES. And then Asa got an outfit for summer, if it ever comes our way! HA!
Uncle Phil was in the FBI forever and retired. Then became part of Church Security. Part of his duties are over South America, so he got to share how he was there for security during President Monson's first Temple Dedication of the Brazilian Temple in Cameron Morton's (Tyler's younger brother) Mission. He also was at the Manaus, Brazil temple for the groundbreaking ceremony. That is Spike Gatten's (Mikin's younger brother) Mission now. The guys went out on the back deck to shoot his gun. The perks of a cool job. Boys will be boys.
Yes, this is more fresh snow...hmmmm...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Wedding Bells!

Asa in his undershirt does not look like he is at a wedding reception, but he is. He spilled meat balls all over his cute yellow shirt. He was a grouch that day. Babies always know when you need them to be on their best behavior, and they make sure they are not! Ha!

Noah looked so handsome in his "real" tie.
Mikin decorated at the church for 10 hours on Thursday, March 5th, which was her birthday. She loves to do things like that, so it was still a fun day. Here are the tall sticks Mikin hot glued flowers all over. They turned out really neat.
They do love each other!
Ella and Noah.
Girl Cousins!
Kiah, Kearston Morton, Ella
This is the white dress Mikin got Kiah for her baptism, and Tami ended up liking them for some of the little girls for the reception.  Loved it.
Ella LOVES pretending to be the bride. We could not get her to let go of the train on Tami's dress at the temple. Then, she danced and danced while they were having the Bride and Groom's first dance. We could not get her to stop so we let her have her moment. It was really adorable. She was in her own world.
Peek-A-Boo Ella!
Love those eyes on Ella!
Tyler and Mikin..... still in love.
It has been 9 years since our wedding reception. Crazy. We still think we are so young.
Mikin and her Old Man, Steve Gatten!
Love you PAPA.
Noah cut some rug with Daddy. A handsome duo!
What a good example for her nieces. Married in the Spokane Washington Temple.
March 6th, 2009. That was Asa's first birthday. We thought about putting a candle in the wedding cake, but we refrained. 
Ella, Tami, Kiah
The boys jumped in, too! 
Noah, Ella, Tami, Cousin : Preston Frank, Kiah
Tyler cannot believe his little sister is married.
Being a little crazy as siblings are sometimes!
Kiah had the job of sitting at the sign in desk and making sure the guests all sign the frame, get their yellow pen, and take their gift to the gift table for them. She shared this duty with Kearston Morton and some of the Caudle girls.
All and all, there was a nice turn out, the temple ceremony was beautiful,
and the decorations looked really nice.
The food was good, the family were almost all there,
and it was a nice day to remember for us all.
Congratulations Tami and Casey! We love you both!