Saturday, January 31, 2009

NOAH is SIX years old!

Noah had a birthday on the 27th and he is getting TOO BIG!
Here are some random things you may not know about Noah.

*He loves science and is very good at it. He does experiments with random things to see how they will react or how much weight something can take before breaking. 
He obviously gets this from his Dad.

*He loves engineering and building complex things. His latest love is to build new paper airplanes that can do different things well. Like one is for flips. the other for speed, another for spirals, etc. He is getting very good at it and makes folds and cuts to manipulate how they fly.
He obviously gets this from his Dad, also.

*He is an athlete and loves to run and jump and climb for no reason. You can imagine how much he loves to do this with his team in soccer, baseball, races, basketball, etc.

* He raced in his first triathalon this last summer at 5 years old and did great!

*He is sweet and tender at the most surprising moments. Will still kiss and hug is parents, but not in front of his friends. Will not go to sleep unless he is tucked in tight.

*He is quite the gentleman and gets the door for people behind him, shares without being asked to, draws pictures and love notes and letters to people randomly, and says thanks for making this delicious dinner mom, EVERY night. Well, every night mom makes dinner.  :-) 
Mikin wishes he got this from his dad! Ha!

*He is quite the meticulous artist. He can spend literally hours drawing and folding and cutting and glueing. He discovered making snowflakes and made so many we started mailing them to family. His pictures vary from forest creatures and flowers, war and explosions,  heros and bad guys, to sunsets and heaven or whatever he learned in school that day. 
He obviously gets this from his Mom.

*His favorite thing to watch on TV is NOT cartoons or kid movies. It is Discovery, Planet Earth Series, or shows like "How it's Made." He loves books about the Human body, the Earth, animals (he calls them "creatures"), and Science.
He obviously gets this from his Dad.

Summertime Smiles...

This is our oldest daughter. She is also our other three kids' second mother. I know that Heavenly Father had a plan for our little family when he sent our Kiah to us. She is such a great help and such a great example to her siblings. She is so fun and makes us laugh with her crazy faces and silly sayings. She remids us to read the scriptures and pray. She is reading the Book of Mormon before she gets baptized in June and is soaking it all in. She asks questions and shares her thoughts with us often. We feel so blessed to have her in our home. She loves to work hard and gets down with her mom to clean the wood floors. She even loves to help her dad log wood in our forest. She is a hard worker.

Kiah Lee Morton
We feel so blessed to have you in our family!

Hear is a poem written by her today:

I love my family.
Dad is funny.
Mom is cute.
Noah is a bunk bed boy.
Ella is a talking girl.
Asa is always so tired!
I am always acting like the second mother.

by: Kiah 

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Jay Marshall Erickson
Weds. Jan. 14, 2009
We were so excited to see Mikin's sister, Brynne in labor (for a few days off and on) and loved having little cousin Cade with us while she and Jon were at the hospital with all the action. We were so EXCITED to see the little guy and love his long golden hair. We also noticed that he may have a little dimple on his cheek on one side. So cute. Here is Mikin the day he was born.
Here is Tyler all cute like he is the proud new dad.... never again. Kind of a bitter-sweet. We sure loved holding the little boy and smelling a new baby again. They are so precious. We love the little guy so much.
Nana Jean Gatten with Jay. My parents were there to support them the whole time. What great parents! That is what they did for us each time as well.

Vance Nathaniel Morton
Thurs. Jan. 15, 2009
The very next day we got a call in the morning at 5:30 AM that Tyler's younger brother, Cameron Morton was heading to the hospital with Shawnte' to have their baby after having some back labor at home and through the night. We were so PUMPED to have two new nephews in two days! Here is Mikin the day he was born. He is so tiny and cute.
Tyler still has not seen him yet because soon after Mikin took this picture the wisked him away and found he had pneumonia and stayed a week in the oxygen bubble with IV's and antibiotics. They came home today and all are doing well, though. We love this little fighter.
Here is a picture someone else took of him with all the "stuff" attatched to him. It is hard to see all the "stuff" on someone so tiny.  It reminded us of our first baby, Kiah, when she looked like this for a while when she was born. It is not a very fun thing for any parent to go through, but it causes you to love your baby more than you ever could have imagined. He will be just fine.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Cade

We got to have our little nephew, Cade, with us for a couple of days while his parents were giving him the best birthday present ever. He turned 2 the day his little brother, Jay, was born. So, we wanted to do something fun for him (and Mikin did not want to cook dinner) so we took him to Tomato Street and the kids had a blast. Here is Kiah trying to teach him how to hold up two fingers.
this was the group at the table with me, and Asa was in the high chair so he is not in the picture. Tyler did not get there for a little bit, so boy did Mikin get some "look at that crazy mother with all those little kids all by herself" looks. I had one lady tell me as she was leaving (scared off) "You are SO BRAVE!" The kids were really good though.
Kiah, Cade, Noah, Ella
Cade love the flags. I do not know if he really understood it all, but he sure gave the staff a great puzzled look as they sany to him.
He even graciously shared his ice cream with Uncle Tyler... but not Aunt Mikin. Why does everyone always love him so much?
The ice cream was cold and he made the cutest faces, but he still kept going until it was gone.