Sunday, December 28, 2008

Let it SNOW!!

Okay! S0, it is an understatement to say,
"We had a white Christmas this year!"

At one point it snowed 2 feet in a day where we live. The thing about it that was astounding was that it never really stopped. It kept dumping on us. We had over 4 feet total snow in our front yard after a couple of weeks. We just ran our four wheeler into the ground plowing with it. Our neighbor kept the road clear so we could get out of our private road. We even had Tyler's brother shovel our roof after many homes and businesses collapsed from the weight of so much snow. 

This is a wreath on our back porch after the first day of snowfall.
This is our yard, man does it look beautiful. We love it up here.
The kids love to have a sledding hill and a snow playground right out the front door.
Here is Tyler's truck after the second day of snowfall.
This is when Tyler first attempted to shovel the roof.
This is the size of the bank out our front door. You can see the size of it compared to the kids.
Here is our neighbor, Quinn, with Noah and Ella. They love all the snow.
Ice from the roof easily touched the snow banks.
Here is Ella at the local sledding hill. She was so deep in snow she stood there yelling for us to help her because she could not move through the deep snow to get up to the hill where it was packed down more.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 2009

Oh, Christmas Tree!
Here is our Christmas Tree we got in the woods north of Coeur d'Alene. I like to keep it all silver and white so that it looks Celestial. My kids LOVED decorating it this year!

This is our "'Jesus Stocking."
It is the only sock still up after Santa came and took down the family ones to stuff and place next to the gifts he brought. In Mikin's family it was a tradition to give one thing to the Savior for the coming year and write it on a piece of paper and put it in the sock. Nobody would read it until the next Christmas Eve and you could only share if you wanted to. It is a personal thing and it really got us to focus on the Savior more.

Brazilian Nativity
To remind Tyler of his mission.

Sweets for Santa...Cookies and milk left by the fireplace.
Kiah wanted to leave him a thank-you note for the gifts he left as well. Too Cute!
Mikin said Santa always took one bite out of each cookie and a drank half of the milk.
Tyler said that at his house he ate it ALL GONE! hehehe...

This year we went to Grandpa and Grandpa Morton's for the Christmas Eve festivities.
We had dinner and it was really delicious. We did the Jesus Stocking with all of them for their first times. We also got Grandpa to read the Nativity story from the scriptures, it was nice. The kids then got to open gifts from them. Here are some pictures of that.
Noah, Kiah, Ella, Jennifer, Asa, Duane
Perfect for Kiah! The sing-a-long DVD to High School Musical!
Noah loves his Cabela's hunting camp!
Ella could not bust into her Cabbage patch fast enough!
Now, that has to be the sweetest picture ever!
Asa just loved the paper, the box, and what? There is a toy as well? Awesome!

Morton Tradition...... Gatten Tradition....... 
Which do we do?????
In Tyler's family they each got to open a present on Christmas Eve. It was always a box of cold cereal that they really liked. 
in Mikin's family they sometimes got one present on Christmas Eve. It was always pajamas.
So, we decided to carry on both traditions for our kids.

Here are Kiah, Noah, and Ella with their first gifts.
Here are Tyler, Asa, Ella, Noah and Kiah with their second gifts.
(Even Asa got a little travel container of Cheerios!)
Kiah is pumped to have SUGAR cereal!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So, yes we joined the gigantic group of followers to see the movie we anticipated since the fast and engaging reading of the series of four books... At least the movie only kept us away form our mothering duties for a few of hours; unlike the book which left us up late and ignoring our children and husbands during the day. To finish the last book I actually went outside and sat in the car to read by the overhead light in the dark just so nobody could interrupt or distract me. It was a good flick, but nothing compared to the imaginative pictures and events of the book in my head.

Liz, Brynne, Angie-D, Jean, Mikin, Angie-B