Tuesday, October 7, 2008

AJ: Get Well Soon!

A.J. Had his surgery on his hip....finally. He was in an accident on a public bus in Portland Orgon and was injured. He moved home so our parents could aide him in getting his health back. He is recovering well. We are just glad to have him here so we see him often and the kids love to have him around. We love you A.J. and hope you stick around a while. Happy Recovery!

ELLA: #1 Fan

Ella was a great sport this spring at all of the games and practices. She kicked the balls around, and cheered, and played with other kids, and woke up Asa... She was a good sport. The best part was that she always got the team treat at the end of each game. She was always right in line with the players. She earned it!

Noah's Soccer Triumph!

This was really cute...Noah was playing like a champion making us proud....

Then he got trampled to the ground when he was on his was toward the goal...
Then he followed the coach (Dad) around, sad and upset, for a while...
Then he held his head back up and told his dad he was ready to go back in again.
It took some tough love, but he got back on the horse!
he scored a lot of goals this season, and really LOVED defense. He enjoyed stealing the ball or kicking it away from the other team.

Spring Soccer

This spring, soccer was a family affair.
Tyler coached, I had the babies on the sidelines
and was the team mom. It was a lot of fun.

Kiah the deffender!

Kiah on the run. She played on a big field this spring...craziness.
She learned to love defense as much as offense this spring,
and loves her dad coaching.

Kiah with friends: Pacen Pluid and little Avery Pluid.

Ella & cousin Kate Gatten, watching Naoh's game.