Monday, June 9, 2008

St. Patrick's Day 2008

Mikin planned corned beef and cabbage with green beans, green milk, and green sweet bread with green frosting. It is always fun to see how the kids are surprised when the milk tastes the same. That always freaks them out a little bit. They think it is going to taste rotten.

Mikin's 31st Birthday!

All the March Birthdays....
Brynne Erickson 23, Mikin Morton 31, Liz Gatten 31.
Party at Steve and Jean Gatten's house.
Birthday Girls
Jean Gatten's infamous chocolate cake. This is the tradition in the Gatten family.

Kiah Hooping It Up!

Way To Go Kiah!
Nice Jump Shot!
Way to dribble that basketball, honey!
Jump shot over the defense for 2 points! You go girl!

First Bath In The Bathroom Sink

Asa loved the bath and basically slept through the entire thing.

You can see on his right thigh that he has a birthmark called a hairy nevus. It is basically a black patch of hair now, but the skin can turn darker like a birthmark as he gets older. We like it. His Uncle Brett said he needs a cool nickname for it like "Grizzly." 
Asa would have slept there all night if we let him.

First Month of Life

Asa at One Month Old

Snug as a bug in his infant car seat.

Now that looks comfortable!

First Photos....One Day Old

Kiah is so excited.
Noah is so proud.
Mikin and Asa's hands.
Clinging to Mother.
Precious Baby Face.

My Kids Are Nuts!

One of Noah's favorite things to do is have us take pictures of him and then he likes to look at them on the digital camera. This is something that Ella has picked up on and loves to do as well. Technology can really be entertaining.
Ella makes some pretty silly faces. She is only 2, but has a way of being a comedian and is so sarcastic. It is absolutely hilarious! Some of the things she says are a riot!
Notice how much they love getting their picture taken, and there is Ella with her silliness again.
She loves being "so, so beautiful."
It's amazing what kids can sleep through. Ella fell asleep in the car, I took her out of her car seat, put her in the shopping cart at Michael's, put her back in her car seat, then pulled her out and carried her to her bed and she NEVER woke up! Unbelievable.

Magical Moments

ASA TY MORTON is the cutest baby on the block.
Look at all of that adorable black hair. He is the fourth child we have that had black hair at birth. I guess that is how we make them. So perfect, and so cute! We will keep him, ha!

All tuckered out after a long morning for mom and baby. nothing feels better than a newborn laying on your chest asleep. 
Proud Father looking on at his new son. And to think we never knew him hours before....
Their little feet can hardly hold on the ID tag. His kept coming off, no matter how tight, he could wiggle out of it somehow. Eventually the nurse just kept it off.
We brought his pacifier to the hospital and we were determined to have him like it. None or our kids had ever taken one. So, we popped it in at a couple of hours old and watched in amazement as he sucked away. Yippee!!! He loves it. We just love this kid. He is a dream.

March 6th 2008

Eating my last meal before they gave me the epidural. It was the best delivery I have had so far!
I went in for the induction of our little boy at 6:30 AM and then waited around for a while. You know how long it takes to get changed and to get the blood work done, the IV in, the fetal monitor going, the doctor their, the pit started, the epidural, and all that good stuff. I was scheduled to be induced, but when they checked, my water had broken on its own, so this would have been the day anyway. What a coincidence. This was the first time we had it all go so smoothly and slowly, well, slow for me. I was 5 cm @ 10:00 (which I had been for a few weeks prior), then I was 7 cm at Noon, and then hung out there until about 2:00 PM. Then it was crazy fast at the end I just jumped to 10 cm in 20 minutes and they were telling me to not push. I hate that.... Dr. Helal hurried and got all ready and then said push. I did and out he came. That was it....ONE PUSH. I thought, "Wow, that was easy." He cried and we did, too. He nursed well soon after and has been our easiest baby since. He slept 7 hours at night since birth and at 2 weeks started sleeping 9 hours at night. He goes 3 to 4 hours between feedings, except just before bed. Then he chows often to stock up for his long nights rest. What a difference we feel being rested than with the first 3. Those nighttime moments were hard.

Asa Ty's first scrub in the sink in the hospital room.
This is sideways, but still a cool shot of 3 generations. Asa in the bassinet, Grandpa Duane Morton & Daddy Tyler looking on at him with smiles. Cute. The joy of new life.

Kiah Is Done With 1st Grade

Kiah played basketball for the first time this winter and she caught on really fast. She could hardly dribble in the beginning and now scores baskets, steals, etc. Her height was a huge advantage and she did the jump at the start of the games, and always got it. She said she loves basketball the best, even more than dance and soccer!

She made the shot over the defense! She is in the red shorts on the yellow team.
Jerzie Pluid has been her best friend since they were very young. The were not on the same team since they go to different schools. They kept chatting during the game and cheering for each other, which drove the coaches nuts. It was pretty funny.

Kiah's 1st Grade Patriotic Program

Kiah had a program with all 3 first grade classes at Fernan Elementary on patriotism. I think it is awesome to have the program. They learned so much about our country, landmarks, dances, songs, and history. We all memorized her songs since she has been singing them formonths...."Lady Liberty, you mean a lot to me. You stand for freedom for us all..."