Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spring Day

This was a day in the park yesterday. Brynne and I were walking around the park with Asa, Cade and Zoey while Nana was playing with Noah and Ella. We looked over and saw Nana swinging with the kids and we thought it was too cute to not capture!

Me with the boys

Ella and Cade love to play together!

...or should I say Ella loves to show Cade how the world works! ;)

We were just grateful for a day above 60 degrees!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

March 6th, 2008

Asa Ty Morton meets his great-grandfather, Leo James Lee. Eternal family takes on a whole new meaning in this picture.

Never has anyone ever been more excited to have a BROTHER! Noah is already talking about how they will finally beat Dad in wrestling because it will be 2 on 1. Noah said, "I love him because that he is the new baby in our family and I am going to teach him baseball, football and soccer and everything that I know." Cute.

Fourth and Final!

Proud Parents... awaiting the arrival of our last little baby!

I just wanted to post this picture to let you know what was running through my mind. I wanted to get a picture of the last time I will be in my final week of pregnancy. It seems really wierd to think I will never feel life inside of me again. Then again, it feels really good to know that, too! There is something really beautiful about the fact that babies in utero cannot speak or run away, or cry. From here on out, It's just raising 'em baby! Just to wrap it up, pregnancy was never really easy for me but I would do it all over again, four times for four kids, in a second.